Yo. My name is Sage and this is my brand spanking new writing blog! I do a lot of writing, but its mostly just fanfiction (send me an ask and I'll link you to my ff or ao3 account). I also have some original pieces though, and I enjoy poetry as well. So have fun, please don't steal my work, and never be afraid to as me a question about the blog! (Or..well, anything. I'm a talkative person I can guarantee you'll get a response even if your message says nothing but 'hi'.)
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SUGAR COSMOS, a series of experimental pieces that are out of my comfort zone but are super fun to do, considering using these designs on stationery or the like. Feel free to use them yourself as long as you credit me!

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Hello :) I made this post to help other people like me in their times of need!



Here are some websites that may help you if you are going or have gone through some of the things listed below.


Anxiety disorder/panic attacks

Bipolar Disorders


Eating Disorders

Grief & Loss


Self Harm

Substance Abuse



Youtubers Advice & Help

i tried extremely hard to find as many youtuber videos that i thought may help people if i missed some that you think i should add please tell me! sorry if i didn’t get your favorite youtuber :/

Fun things that are distracting, calming, happy, cute, etc.

I really hope this helped someone. Remember, you are all important and loved. 

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The Writers’ Retreat

For the July 20 NY Times Book Review. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman and editor Pamela Paul!

Oh, yeah. This is TOTALLY where I live.

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Screencap redraw! This was really fun!

I chose a shot from one of my friend’s favorite shows, and I was thinking of actually giving this show a try; The action scenes are pretty kickass.

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